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The Art of Annette Edwards (1948-2009)

Auction completed on Sunday 2nd August 2015

Australian artist and printmaker the late Annette Edwards was one of those people who found it natural to mix music, dance, dramatic and visual arts in a meld of painting and printmaking that has left a lasting impression on the Australian art scene.
Graduating in 1981 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Edwards was heavily influenced by one of her teachers George Baldessin (the ‘Baldessin Circle’ was influential in Melbourne’s printmaking culture) and probably swayed her decision to become a printmaker.
The artist kept working until her death from cancer in 2009 with her exhibition Diagonals at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery in Melbourne closing the day before she died. Art lovers had one final chance to obtain one of Edwards’ creations when more than 130 of her original works were auctioned online on 2nd August 2015. Here are a few auction highlights.

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