Moving House Checklist – the ultimate moving tips

Moving house is one of the biggest tasks you can undertake in your life and careful planning is crucial. With so many things to consider, the use of a moving house checklist is highly recommended to ensure you have all bases covered.

We have assisted thousands of clients from the planning stage of a move, through to the actual event and settling in to their new residence. We hope our list below will help you organise your move in a strategic and comprehensive way and allow a stress-free transition to your new home. Continue reading

How Abbeys helped to transform a new home

Richard and Michelle recently purchased their first house together. They only problem was that both being new to Melbourne they had little in the way of furniture and like most home buyers they had an extremely tight budget. Michelle had a very clear picture in her mind about the style of decor she wanted and was not prepared to compromise on quality. She also had an excellent mental map about the size and aspect of each of the rooms. Richard had discovered Abbeys Auctions soon after arriving in Melbourne and so he suggested that with a long settlement period ahead they set about the task of equipping their home by purchasing antique and pre-loved furniture at Auction. Continue reading

Get the most out of bidding at auction

For many people, buying at an auction is a sometimes nervous but usually exciting experience. There are lots of people, lots of noise and the auctioneer seems to go so fast! You are poised anxiously awaiting the item you want to be offered in numerical sequence, and suddenly it’s on! Like a race starting, people around you raising their hands or calling out to bid, the internet bidders making their presence felt with a loud “beep”, maybe a bidder on the phone instructing an auction room staff member and the auctioneer calmly and quickly picking up the bids one after the other until the hammer is brought down to signal that the highest bidder has won…..and that exciting and relieved feeling that comes when you know it was your bid that won the item! Even seasoned auction goers find it hard to resist the adrenaline rush of bidding at a public auction. Continue reading