From auction to artwork- Find your next masterpiece at Abbeys

Jacki Hood is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist who completed the Graduate Certificate in Visual Art at Victorian College of the Arts at the University of Melbourne, in 2019. Her research and art practices include Found Object Art and as a collector she visits Abbeys Auctions frequently. Jacki is interested in the stories and history of objects and how when presented in an unexpected way objects can be reconsidered. Viewers bring their own unique stories and histories and respond differently to objects from the past. As shown in the below photographs, the installation of firescreens purchased at Abbeys was presented amongst other artists works in the GCVA Graduate Exhibition as if they were proud portraiture’s on the wall.

Firescreens were once found in the hearth of the home where families would gather around for heat and cooking. They were also important decorative objects sometimes crafted by family members. In summer they hid the cavernous fireplace. Although firescreens are now considered obsolete by many, Jacki still finds them an object of beauty.

Jacki continues to visit Abbeys to find beautiful objects to transform into works of art.

7 Helpful Hints When Buying Used Furniture

Have you ever experienced the joy of second hand furniture? When it’s time to update your furniture, second hand options are many and varied. Sometimes these pieces give you the vintage feel you have been craving, but always they introduce a sense of timeless history, elegance and not to be taken lightly – cost savings!

Furniture is one of the key elements in your home, presenting your design style for all to see. This means that you want to make the right choices, but at the right prices, which is why second hand furniture has become so popular. Whether your style is vintage, chic, retro, traditional or ultra-modern, you will find pre-loved furniture that suits your style, and at a price that you can afford.

used furniture at abbeys auctions

So if you are ready to explore the world of second hand furniture, here are seven tips to get you started.

  1. Organise your budget: Don’t go shopping with an open wallet, because there lies disaster! Always create a realistic budget for each room and then split this budget between all the pieces that you need. You can always splurge a little for anything that really grabs your attention, but these extras can be part of your discretionary budget!
  2. Know what you want: Don’t go out to ‘just look’, because this is another way you will spend your budget on things you don’t really need and don’t fit into your overall design. Make a list of items that you need and consult it every time you are seriously considering buying a piece of furniture.
  3. Consider reupholstering quality items: Furniture that has stood the test of time and is a quality piece, might be very affordable simply because it needs to be reupholstered. Other people might ignore these pieces, but if you consider the price of new upholstery along with the price of the purchase, it often works out in your favour.
  4. Give it a test run: Just because a chair looks fabulous and fits your style and colour scheme, doesn’t mean that it’s right for you! You need to sit on all chairs and lounges for at least 5 to 10 minutes, relaxing and making sure that they are comfortable. Otherwise it might look great, but no-one will sit on it for long!
  5. Take a tape measure with you: Every item on your list should have the dimensions that will fit the space, so take a tape measure with you and check each piece to ensure that it will fit. Also, make sure that the furniture will fit in your van or trailer, otherwise enquire about delivery options.
  6. Don’t ignore rusted metal furniture: Many metals can be refurbished quite easily and look fabulous in your home or garden. You can often find some real diamonds in the rough, simply because other people can’t get past the rust! Think of the potential of each piece, add in the refurbishment costs and you might have found the key piece in your design.
  7. Consider repurposing furniture: This is a very popular strategy at the moment, where you change the use of a piece of furniture. For example, you might find a fabulous old dresser that has oodles of history and was built to last forever, so consider turning it into a vanity for your renovated bathroom. This is a wonderful way to add character to your home and be on-trend as well!

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How Abbeys helped to transform a new home

Richard and Michelle recently purchased their first house together. They only problem was that both being new to Melbourne they had little in the way of furniture and like most home buyers they had an extremely tight budget. Michelle had a very clear picture in her mind about the style of decor she wanted and was not prepared to compromise on quality. She also had an excellent mental map about the size and aspect of each of the rooms. Richard had discovered Abbeys Auctions soon after arriving in Melbourne and so he suggested that with a long settlement period ahead they set about the task of equipping their home by purchasing antique and pre-loved furniture at Auction. Continue reading

Get the most out of bidding at auction

For many people, buying at an auction is a sometimes nervous but usually exciting experience. There are lots of people, lots of noise and the auctioneer seems to go so fast! You are poised anxiously awaiting the item you want to be offered in numerical sequence, and suddenly it’s on! Like a race starting, people around you raising their hands or calling out to bid, the internet bidders making their presence felt with a loud “beep”, maybe a bidder on the phone instructing an auction room staff member and the auctioneer calmly and quickly picking up the bids one after the other until the hammer is brought down to signal that the highest bidder has won…..and that exciting and relieved feeling that comes when you know it was your bid that won the item! Even seasoned auction goers find it hard to resist the adrenaline rush of bidding at a public auction. Continue reading